Q Anytime

Connect to QVC®—anytime, anywhere. Discover, explore, and enjoy brand new video content, shopping experiences, style tips, and more with the exciting new Q Anytime app for iPhone—brought to you by QVC.

Shopping is better than ever with your favorite brands and shows—and thousands of QVC videos to accompany them

• Watch fresh content, find helpful beauty videos, enjoy QVC videos you’ve never seen, and even live stream QVC.

• Experience product demonstrations, how-to videos, trending videos from best-selling brands, and (of course!) shopping—all at your fingertips!

• Watch QVC live or catch up on weekly shows like In the Kitchen with David®.


Android and iOS


UK, US (English US), Japan, Italy & Germany

Programs Used

Figma, Sketch, Accessibility Audits, Axure, UserTesting.com, Principal & InVision.

Design Process

A wealth of product information and edge cases were discussed and possible solutions were white boarded by colleagues of each product journey team. At the time of designing, QVC Inc, generated over $2.5 billion net profit per annum and had websites and in-market apps across various platforms including iOS and Android. Please see video below. Targeting Personas.


Identifying the core user’s needs and fringe user’s desires and in-market trends. Key user journeys were mapped out.

Sketching and wireframes.

The user’s pain points and opportunities were documented and progressed into hand sketches. These were then developed into wireframes and rationalised out over multi-disciplinary workshops, collaboration with stakeholders from social media, copy, development, product and design backgrounds.

Branding and User Testing.

High-fidelity prototypes for user-testing were produced by both Navaz Karim and Francis Gane. Carla Sklebitz conducted user-testing across geo-locations. Synchronising a new rebrand launch alongside an app launch, all key user response was fed-back to the brand team and changes were implemented into both branding and digital products. Q Anytime launched successfully on time, on the day of rebrand launch in the US, QVC’s largest market.