The LongShots

In 1863 the Salon des Refusées, French for ‘Exhibition of Rejects’, changed the world of art by showcasing works rejected by the jury of the prestigious Paris Salon. The artists featured at the show, like Édouard Manet, went on to become the new voices of the century.

In homage, the LongShots is a virtual film festival from the BBC that showcases the most exciting emerging documentary filmmakers around the world. A prestigious jury, including Academy Award nominees and acclaimed curators, nominated over 70 films, from which a shortlist was selected for their power in storytelling.




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The seven selected films will be made available to stream on BBC Reel. Each week, two winners will be featured on the homepage, which attracts millions of viewers each day, and promoted on BBC Reel’s social media platforms. The festival will also feature weekly, live Q & A’s with the filmmakers and a digital-first festival experience.

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A panel from BBC Reel selected the best eight of these 30 films and showcase them to our global audience of 4 million monthly viewers.

The films will be screened by the BBC’s first online film festival, hosted by BBC Reel in May and June 2020. Available for a year after launch.

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